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It is often time believed that purchasing and installing tires on your Honda vehicle is more expensive at the dealership, but we’ve done the research and that is just not the case. Don’t be fooled by those “discount tire” stores! We can offer the very best tires for your Honda vehicle at a price that may surprise you! Give us a call at (513) 791-9090.

Dueler H/P Sport
$122.00 $211.00 N/A $154.74
Ecopia H/L 422 Plus
$129.00 $282.00 N/A 243.00
$159.00 $176.00 N/A $165.01
Defender T+H
$210.00 $265.00 $230.99 $231.00
H/L Ecopia 422
$128.00 $232.00 N/A $203.00
Assurance Fuel Max
$154.00 N/A N/A $167.33
Dueler H/P Sport
$142.00 N/A $259.99 $220.53
Crosscontact LX
$151.00 $161.00 N/A $157.01
Primacy MXV4 Green X
$151.00 N/A $230.99 $204.62
Crosscontact LX Sport
$218.00 $238.00 NA $206.99
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How Often Should Honda Tires Be Replaced?

Depending on your driving style, the average tire life is typically between 25,000 and 50,000 miles. Factors such as your driving habits and the vehicle’s alignment will determine the life of a tire. The characteristics of the tire and proper inflation also play a crucial role in tire life. A popular method to see if your tires need to be replaced is the penny test.


The Penny Test

Step 1: Place a penny between the grooves or the tread of your tire.

Step 2: Be sure when you place the penny in the tread that Lincoln’s head is facing down.

Step 3: If you can see Lincoln’s entire head, it may be time to replace the tire because the trend is no longer deep enough to provide proper traction and performance.

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Why Shop for Tires at Performance Kings Honda?

The Best Tire Brands

Regardless if your Honda requires Goodyear, Firestone or a different tire brand, you can rest easy knowing our Honda Tire Store supplies approved original equipment to deliver the safest driving experience.

Honda Factory Trained Technicians & Equipment

Our Service Department has the right tools and equipment to ensure a secure and comfortable ride with your new set of tires. We have 20 factory-trained Honda Technicians who know your car inside and out and will handle all of your tire needs. From correcting any alignment issues to properly mounting and balancing your new tires, there’s no one better to service your vehicle.

Honda Genuine Tires

Tires impact your vehicle’s performance, fuel economy, ride, comfort and safety. As the miles add up, normal tread wear can gradually diminish your Honda’s handling and performance, especially in wet driving conditions. Your Honda technician can quickly check your tires for tread wear and correct air pressure. And when its time for replacement, count on Performance Kings Honda to install just the right tire for your specific vehicle. Call us at (513) 791-9090.

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