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Honda Oil Change Service

We all know we need to change our oil regularly, but do you know how often or why? Your engine operates at extremely high temperatures, and the oil lubricates the moving parts. Yet, the very act of lubrication under these circumstances causes the oil to lose its viscosity and breakdown. This breakdown leads to parts of your engine rubbing together and eventually wear out.

What To Expect From an Oil Change at Performance Kings Honda

Honda owners in the Cincinnati area love coming to Performance Kings Honda for oil changes. Our Express Oil Change service will have you in and out in minutes, and you’ll drive off knowing your Honda has the best oil protection available. Here’s what you can expect from your oil change.

Synthetic Genuine Honda Motor Oil

We only use Genuine Honda Motor Oil, a specially formulated synthetic lubricant with additives that promote optimal engine performance. Today’s sophisticated Honda engines need special care, and that includes engine oil. Many new Honda models require the new, zero-weight synthetic oil SAE OW-20. OW-20 has a low-viscosity formulated to ensure uniform lubrication and reduce the friction naturally created in your engine. Weighing less than conventional oil, OW-20 evenly lubricates your entire engine for better thermal protection, increased engine efficiency, and less wear and tear.

Genuine Honda Oil Filter

Aftermarket parts may fit, but they don’t always live up to the factory standards of Genuine Honda Parts. That’s why at Performance Kings Honda, we only use Genuine Honda oil filters when changing your Honda’s oil. You can rest easy knowing your engine has the finest protection with Genuine Honda parts.

Multi-Point Safety Inspection

Every time you bring your Honda in for an oil change, you’ll get a free, multi-point safety inspection. This inspection will check your tire pressure and tread wear, test your lighting system, inspect your brake pads, and test your windshield wipers’ effectiveness. Before you leave, one of our expert technicians will review the inspection report and answer any questions you have before providing you with a quote to address any items in need of service. In most cases, we can make these repairs in under 30 minutes.

Fluid Top-Off

In addition to your oil, our factory-trained mechanics will check all your Honda fluids. We check your transmission fluid level and age, brake fluid, engine coolant, and even your windshield wiper fluid. Any time we see you are low, we top you off, free of charge. Levels drop for many reasons, one of which could be a leak. If we suspect and discover a leak, we can fix that too.

Battery Test

Batteries fail over time, and it’s unavoidable. By testing your battery at every oil change, you can predict when your battery begins to fail, allowing you to take action before failure occurs. And let’s face it, there’s no reasonable time for a dead battery.

Free Car Wash

We want you to drive home to Concord Hills, Dallasburg, Mason, or wherever you live, proud to drive your Honda. That’s why every oil change, we give you a free car wash so you and your Honda can look your best.

What an Oil Change Can Do For Your Honda

Beyond protecting your engine from thermal breakdown, many benefits exist from changing your oil regularly. 

Better Mileage

Reducing friction improves your fuel efficiency because new oil flows more efficiently, allowing for complete lubrication. You can realize a boost in efficiency anywhere from 0.4 to 0.6 miles per gallon with Honda’s OW-20 oil compared to conventional or non-synthetic oils.

OW-20 Extends Oil Change Intervals

Honda’s low-viscosity OW-20 improves performance over a wide range of operating temperatures. In cold weather, OW-20 flows faster to critical engine parts for better starts and overall protection. OW-20 oil lasts longer as well, extending the time between oil changes from 5,000 miles up to 10,000 miles on most Honda models. You’ll spend half as much money on oil changes using Genuine Honda oil. Our expert technicians recommend you check your engine oil weekly to maintain the proper level. Regularly checking your oil helps spot potential problems like a leak in your system.

Aftermarket Synthetic Oil or Genuine Honda Oil

You can find other synthetic oils on the market. These aftermarket products may have the OW-20 rating, but they lack the special Honda additives engineered to optimize your Honda engine’s performance. Using Genuine Honda Motor Oil OW-20 delivers the best results for performance and efficiency. Certified by the American Petroleum Institute, Genuine Honda OW-20 meets or exceeds the oil specifications for all new Honda models.

What’s Cheaper, Genuine Honda Oil or Conventional Oil?

Conventional oil costs less than synthetic, sometimes as much as $20-$30. The lower cost of conventional oil doesn’t make it the best choice. Conventional oil breaks down faster and provides less protection in extreme temperatures. The added wear and tear on your engine combined with more frequent oil changes actually make the cost to use conventional oil higher than that of synthetic oil. Add in the improved efficiency of synthetic Genuine Honda Motor Oil, and you can see where the real value lies.

Lowest Price Oil Change

For the lowest price oil change, Cincinnati has to offer, visit Performance Kings Honda on Fields Ertel Road. Our $51 oil change can save you as much as $39 over those national drive-through oil change services, plus you get the added benefits of Genuine Honda Motor Oil.

Schedule Your Honda Oil Change in Cincinnati, OH Today

At Performance Kings Honda, we understand how busy your life gets. That’s why we created our Express Oil Change service. You can schedule your oil change online or added convenience, or you can stop by on your way to work in Cincinnati. If it’s more convenient, you can drop in on your way home to Hopkinsville. Either way, our certified technicians will change your oil, give you your free, multi-point inspection, and have you back on your way in no time. Give us a call at (513) 791-9090.

If you can’t wait, or rather wouldn’t, we offer a free shuttle service. Our driver will get you safely to your home, office, or anywhere you like in the neighborhood. Once we finish servicing your Honda, our driver will come to get you at a time that works for you. If you need additional service, we have various service specials you can take advantage of and schedule them with your next oil change.

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