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At Performance Kings Honda, we know that many of our customers have busy lives and that finding time to get their car, truck, or SUV in for servicing isn’t always easy. That’s why we developed the Performance Valet system to provide our customers with a hassle-free way to get the vehicle care they require. It provides a hands-off experience that allows you to order a pickup and drop-off for your vehicle, so it can receive the professional care of a trained technician that it requires without taking time out of your day. Call us at (513) 791-9090 to schedule today!

Why Automotive Servicing Matters

Keeping your vehicle regularly serviced is an important responsibility as a car, truck, or SUV owner. It provides you with many benefits that improve the performance and longevity of your vehicle, including:

Protecting your vehicle

Getting your vehicle examined and serviced by a trained technician as soon as you discover any warning signs, or as soon as you hit a mileage or age milestone, helps to keep your vehicle protected from future harm.

Staying safe

Regular maintenance and prompt servicing are also an important part of safe vehicle operation. Getting your work performed by a professional when needed ensures that the systems that make your vehicle run work as intended, including those designed to protect you and others in your vehicle.

Maintaining performance

When one or more parts of your vehicle are not working as intended, it can have a significant impact on your vehicle performance. Professional automotive servicing allows a technician to restore your vehicle to its intended operational status, helping to keep performance levels higher for more enjoyable and efficient rides.

Reducing repair costs

While service comes with a short-term cost, it can also generate long-term savings. Many major issues that are expensive to repair start off as minor problems that a service technician can fix at a significantly reduced rate when identified early.

How Performance Kings Honda Automotive Valet Works

If you have a vehicle in need of servicing anywhere within our dealership market, we can help, no matter the make or model. Just follow these easy steps to take advantage of the Performance Kings Honda Automotive Valet system:

  1. Call us at (513) 791-9090 to schedule a professional servicing at one of our convenient locations.
  2. Our team will provide you with a four-hour pickup window for your vehicle, along with the service appointment time. You don’t need to sit around and be available for the entire window when you use Performance Kings Honda Valet.
  3. You’ll receive a text notification when our valet professional picks up your car and transports it to our service center.
  4. You can track your vehicle as the driver transports it from your home or work to the service center, so you know exactly how your work is progressing.
  5. The tracking service provides you with valuable information about your vehicle’s location, including its speed in transit to its service appointment.
  6. When your vehicle arrives for servicing, one of our factory-trained technicians performs a video inspection so you can confirm its condition upon arrival and note any potential repair needs.
  7. Following your video inspection, you have the option to approve or decline any work recommended by our professional service technician.
  8. If desired, you can pay for your servicing right on your phone, further simplifying the process of professional automotive servicing.
  9. At the conclusion of your service work, you will receive a notification that your vehicle has left the service department so that you can track its progress back to you.
  10. After reaching the drop-off location, our Valet Specialist will sanitize high-touch surfaces they interacted with during the drive, to provide you with a clean and repaired vehicle waiting for you where you left it.

The Benefits of Performance Valet Services

Performance Valet from Performance Kings Honda is the best way to get your vehicle maintained and serviced. Some of the best benefits that Performance Kings Honda’s service pickup and delivery option provides include:


Simply put, there’s no easier way to get your vehicle serviced by professionals than with Performance Valet. Whether you want your vehicle picked up at home or work, all you need to do is schedule your valet service and we handle the rest. We will pick up your vehicle, work on it, and return it back to you where you left it, all within the same day.

Professional service

Performance Kings Honda is proud to be Cincinnati’s best Honda service center, so when you choose our service pickup and delivery with Performance Valet, you don’t just get convenient service; you get high-quality service as well. You can count on our trained automotive technicians to take care of your vehicle and return it to you with all ordered work performed quickly and correctly.

High-quality parts

At Performance Kings Honda we know that it’s important to use high-quality parts in all our vehicles, as they provide high-quality performance. That’s why we use genuine OEM auto parts when we service your vehicle with Performance Valet, so you get replacement parts you can rely on.

Unbeatable prices

While we take pride in offering you first-rate service every time we work on your vehicle through Performance Valet, that doesn’t mean you have to pay first-rate prices. We offer maintenance work you can trust at rates you won’t find anywhere else, so it’s not just convenient to choose Performance Kings Honda’s valet services, but it’s fiscally responsible too.

Get In Touch To Schedule Your Performance Valet Today

If your vehicle is due for servicing, then there is no more convenient way to get it than with Performance Kings Honda’s service pickup and delivery option. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us online or call us at (513) 791-9090 and our staff will be happy to answer them for you. We can even help you schedule your Performance Valet service today. See how easy and stress-free your vehicle servicing can be with the help of Performance Kings Honda’s valet service for your next automotive care.


Meet Our Valet Specialists

The friendly faces of Performance Valet are here to provide you with the best pickup and delivery experience possible. Have peace of mind knowing that each of our drivers take great pride to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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    Mike Celebrezze

    Mike Celebrezze

*Performance Kings Honda is only authorized to perform recall and/or manufacturer warranty work on Honda vehicles.

1Dealer Market is defined as 15 miles from the dealership. Additional charges may apply for trips beyond this radius. Please contact us for complete details.

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