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  • Oil changes
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  • Free Multi-point inspection
  • Brake Inspection

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  • “Maintenance Minder” scheduled maintenance needs
  • All other repair or maintenance needs

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Are you looking to service your brand-new Honda Pilot? Or does your old Honda Civic need an overhaul? No matter your requirements, Performance Kings Honda can offer the best, affordable servicing in Greater Cincinnati. Our expert technicians can handle any maintenance or repairs of your beloved Honda, from simple oil changes to replacing and servicing complex engine parts.

So, how do you schedule a service request with us, and what services can you expect from our state-of-the-art service center on Ertel Road? Let’s find out.

Scheduling a Service Request at Performance Kings Honda

Scheduling a service request for your car is quick and simple. We offer three choices for servicing your Honda:

You can click on your preferred option, fill out the details on the form that appears, and we’ll provide you with the available time slots. If you have an online account with us, you can click on the “Returning Customer” button and login with your phone number or username and password. 

However, that doesn’t mean we leave people without an account high and dry! If you are a new visitor or just need a quick fix, click on the “Quick Appointment” button, enter the details of your car, and we’ll set you up right away. On each page, we’ve also provided you with our address and service hours, making it easy for you to select the date and time of your appointment. You can also call us on (513) 791-9090 and let our customer service agent handle the rest. 

We tailor our service packages to offer the best value for all our customers. Here’s what you can expect from each of our services:

Express Service

With our Express Service, you get a comprehensive check of your Honda. Whether your car needs a much-needed service, or if you are returning for a maintenance visit, we’ll make sure that it is fighting fit and raring to go. We perform systematic inspections and replacements of worn-out or damaged parts, starting with oil and filter changes.

When you’re cruising around cities or having your cross-country fun, the air and oil filters protecting your engine work hard to block dust particles and dirt. So we either clean or replace the wire-meshes depending on the saturation of gunk deposits. Over time, your engine oil also becomes thick or forms a sludge, which reduces lubrication, increases engine wear and tear, and affects your mileage. So we drain the existing oil and refill it with genuine Honda motor oil (SAE OW-20). We also top off all other fluids as a part of our routine.

Our free multi-point safety inspection and battery tests ensure that the headlights, taillights, hazard indicators, brakes, sensors, wipers, and all electrics are working correctly. To guarantee consistent mileage, we check for air pressure in the tires and inflate them to recommended levels. We also offer a tire rotation service to improve the longevity of your tires and maintain traction. It’s a simple process of exchanging the front and rear tires and switching the left and right sides.

If you have racked up considerable mileage on your Honda, we also check for wear and tear on the moving parts of its engine, transmission, suspension, and steering systems.

Regular Service

As a proud owner of a newer Honda model, you may have noticed the absence of a maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual. Instead, the onboard computer checks every critical system in your car and alerts you when it’s time for service. This system is your “Maintenance Minder.” As soon as it starts flashing the service light, you’ll know that it’s time for a routine checkup. In such cases, you can schedule a Regular Service at our service center. 

Once you drop in with your Honda, we take care of every repair or maintenance need while you relax in our fantastic, feature-rich waiting area with high-speed Wi-Fi and a local service shuttle.

Premium Valet Services

We take pride in making your life as a Honda driver easy, safe, and comfortable in our mission to put a smile on your face. We know you have a busy schedule and may not have the time to drive your Honda all the way to Kings Automall. That’s why we have a valet system in place to take over the hassle and do all the heavy lifting.

To take advantage of this fantastic Performance Valet Service, you just need to pick up your phone, call (513) 791-9090 and let us know that you are interested in “Service Pickup and Delivery.” Our customer service representative will note all the details about your car, its make, model, and location, as well as your preferred date and time. Once you have confirmed these details, we will provide you with a 4-hour time slot to pick up your vehicle. 

At the scheduled time, one of our valet specialists will leave the service center to pick up your car. Our systematic process even allows you to track our specialists’ location for the entire trip from the moment they leave the center to the time when they reach us with your car.

Our factory-trained technicians will then provide you with a video inspection of your car and suggest any repairs or maintenance work. Once you have seen the footage and recommendations, you can either approve or decline the job as you wish and then pay the bill.

The best thing about our valet services is that you can manage everything from your phone. What’s more, our Pickup and Delivery service is free if you are a Performance Kings Honda customer!

Performance Kings Honda Is There for You

All service appointments offer the best bang for your buck and include a complimentary car wash. If that’s not enough, you can save big by using our amazing value service coupons. Besides these three great service options, we also provide free air bag inflator recalls for some older Honda models.

Servicing your Honda shouldn’t be a big chore. Let Performance Kings Honda lift that burden while you enjoy some quality time. You can rest assured that we will take special care of your Honda, just like you take special care of your family!

Performance Kings Honda is conveniently located across from the Kings Automall at 9131 Fields Ertel Road, Cincinnati, OH 45249. We provide you a state-of-the-art facility where the best Honda-certified technicians can maintain and repair your Honda vehicle.

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