Honda Odyssey Maintenance Schedule

Your family needs a dependable vehicle that rides smoothly through Cincinnati. That’s why you chose a Honda Odyssey. But like all cars, the reliable performance of your Odyssey can decrease over time. So what can do you to ensure a long, healthy life for your van? Just stay on top of its maintenance schedule.

To help you do that, Performance Kings Honda is giving you everything you need to know about the Honda Odyssey maintenance schedule in the guide below.

When to Schedule Service Appointments

Your Honda Odyssey will need to be serviced every 7,500 miles. During these appointments, technicians will perform the minor maintenance tasks needed to maintain your car’s health, such as multi-point inspections, tire rotations, and oil changes.

As your vehicle adds more miles to the odometer, additional services will be required to maintain its impressive performance. Below is a list of services that you’ll need to schedule and when they should be performed.

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Every 15,000 Miles

Every 15,000 miles, your vehicle will need to have its engine oil filter replaced. Its brakes and parking brake adjustments must also be checked. On top of that, technicians will have to visually inspect the following parts for damage or issues:

  • Tie-rod ends
  • Steering gear box and boots
  • Driveshaft boots
  • Suspension components
  • Brake hose and lines
  • Fluid levels and condition
  • Cooling system hoses and connections

Every 30,000 Miles

In addition to the services listed above, you need to have the air cleaner element as well as the spark plugs replaced in your Honda Odyssey every 30,000 miles. The drive belts will need to be inspected and adjusted during these appointments too.

Every 45,000 Miles

Every 45,000 miles, your Honda Odyssey will only need a few additional services on top of everything listed above. At these appointments, the technician will replace the engine coolant and the brake fluid on top of the items listed for the 15,000-mile appointments.

Appointments for Single Services

The following services will only need to be performed once or twice throughout the life span of your Honda Odyssey:

  • Replace transmission fluid at/every 90,000 miles.
  • Inspect idle speed at/every 160,000 miles.
  • Inspect valve clearance at 30,000 miles only.

Honda Odyssey Maintenance Minder

To help you stay on top of your vehicle’s service schedule, the Honda Odyssey offers the Maintenance Minder. This helpful tool monitors the parts and systems under the hood and lets you know when it’s time to schedule your next service appointment by displaying certain codes.

Each code means something different, so to make sure that you understand what services you need to schedule, we’ve defined each one below:

Main Codes

  1. Replace engine oil
  2. Replace engine oil and filter
  3. Check front and rear brakes
  4. Check parking adjustment
  5. Inspect tie-rod ends, steering gearbox, and gear boots
  6. Inspect suspension components
  7. Inspect fluid levels and conditions
  8. Inspect driveshaft boots
  9. Inspect fuel lines and connections and brake hoses and lines
  10. Inspect exhaust system


  1. Rotate tires and check inflation and condition
  2. Replace air cleaner element
  3. Replace dust and pollen filter
  4. Inspect drive belt
  5. Replace automatic transmission fluid
  6. Replace spark plugs
  7. Replace timing belt
  8. Inspect valve clearance

  9. Replace engine coolant

Schedule Your Honda Odyssey Service Appointment

Scheduling routine maintenance for your Honda Odyssey can help to extend its life and maintain its like-new condition for years to come. You can trust that the certified Honda technicians at Performance Kings Honda are just as concerned with your vehicle safety as you are. Contact our service department and schedule your appointment today!

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