Best Local Venues in Cincinnati, OH

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Cincinnati has a strong lineup of local venues that host artists, plays, conferences, comedy acts, and more. The city has many unique locations that strive to provide guests with quality spots to watch their favorite artist or check out a regional band on tour. Here is a list of some of the best local venues with an exciting setting or backstory. Any of these is worth stopping by to check out music. You’ll find everything from cavernous concert halls to actual underground stages in historic buildings or districts.

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The Blind Lemon

best local venues in cincinnati, oh

Image via Flickr by Cédric Boismain, licensed under CC BY 2.0

The Blind Lemon is a relic that adds historic charm to any event. The music venue has been in operation for almost 60 years, and its walls are covered in memorabilia of good times of the past. At first glance, its warm wooden interior is similar to a dive bar of the finest kind, though the outfit is anything but.

Rather, the antique site organizes live music year-round played in the garden no matter the weather. Cozy up to the fire pit in the winter and let it hang out in the summer as you listen to local musicians bring their signature vocals and instruments six days a week (with Mondays off). Some musicians return time and again to entertain the crowd and loyal fans.

When it comes to enjoying local flavor in an intimate atmosphere, you can’t go wrong with attendance at The Blind Lemon.

The Mad Frog

The Mad Frog, which opened its doors in 1994, offers live music that appeals to a younger crowd into the latest up-and-coming artists. Located at 1 E. McMillan St. in a vintage two-story building, the club combines a small and intimate music hall with a bar that has always been part of the original construction. The design of this spot allows the audience and artists to get up close to one another and enjoy the musical experience as it unfolds.

Most artists that perform at The Mad Frog play EDM, electronica, hard rock, metal, or indie music. The artists range from local to regional favorites and ones that travel from across the country to play at the venue.

South Gate House Revival

The South Gate House Revival is a venue across the Ohio River in Newport, Kentucky, that offers a haven for those who love live music and open-mic acts. It is located within a re-purposed church that dates to 1866 and features three separate stages that are often in use at the same time. Excellent soundproofing limits music sound to the stage and prevents it from spilling into the other performance areas. Also, there is always a live performer in the bar. The South Gate House Revival reinforces patrons’ love of the art of music and the spoken word.

Indeed, the live local venue experience is one of a kind. The original stained glass windows of the church have been left in place, along with many other interior features of the church. A variety of musical artists and spoken-word acts come to play from nearby and far away.

The Mock Bee

The Mock Bee is a multifaceted entertainment venue that accommodates various expressions of arts, including live performances, fashion shows, house music, and even weddings. The venue is situated in a historic brewery and features two tunnel-shaped halls reminiscent of the underground clubs of the ones found in Liverpool, the U.K., in times past.

The Mock Bee’s venues are typically occupied by rappers, EDM artists, and DJ sets with other types of music performed on occasion. Fashion shows are held regularly in the space and are frequently open to the public. This location is a great place to get intimate with music and its performers.

Memorial Hall

Memorial Hall, formally known as the Hamilton County Memorial Building, is a historic building built to commemorate the military members that resided in Hamilton County. It has been in continual operation since its opening in 1908. But a major renovation expanded the concert hall, and now it hosts artists, speakers, and stage performers. The venue stays true to its roots by inviting speakers who talk about the challenges faced by members of the military and performers who are current or retired military members.

The venue books artists, acts, events, plays, and galas of all types. The variety of its entertainment and its convenient location across the historic Washington Park makes it full of delight and surprises and gives patrons a place to fill their senses with sounds that stir the soul.

That’s our list of the top local venues for live performances in Cincinnati and their selling points as a great place to go for performances. Did you like the spots we included on the list, or did we leave out one of your favorite places for live music? If we did, do not hesitate to get in touch with us to let us know if we should consider an update. And if you’re looking for a new or used Honda or need to get yours serviced, call us or go online to schedule an appointment. We want to make your Honda buying or service experience the best you can get.

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