Best Garden Centers and Nurseries Near Cincinnati, OH

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With spring just around the corner, it’s a great time to visit your local nurseries and garden centers. Finding the best spots to get your plants and flowers can feel daunting, but we’re here to share some local gems and get you pointed in the right direction. Read on to learn where the best places are to get your fresh spring blooms.

Firehouse Nursery

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One of our favorite places to shop for garden necessities is the Firehouse Nursery. They’re closed through winter, so make sure you look online before planning a trip in. While you’re on their website, you can take a quiz to discover which plants and flowers are best for your personal landscape. They also encourage shoppers to browse native plant selections that don’t disrupt local ecosystems. In-store, they’re equally knowledgeable and we’d recommend them to anyone starting a garden or doing landscaping this season.

A father and son team runs the shop, and they carry desirable plants like boxwoods, hostas, burning maples, and lilacs. Those curious about Cincinnati flora and fauna can also learn a lot on their website. They publish helpful blog posts about building your skills as a novice gardener. Their knowledge can also help you choose plants that attract certain critters, like birds and butterflies, while repelling the ones you don’t want in your garden, like deer.

West Hills Greenhouses

If you can’t wait until spring to check out Firehouse Nursery, then we recommend a trip to West Hills Greenhouses. Their selection is hard to beat, with over an acre of greenhouse space and more than a thousand plant varieties and offerings. Their large greenhouse holds tropical plants, ground-cover plants, bamboo, component plants, annuals, and perennials. The greenhouse has been around since 1929 when the original owner sold snapdragons and asters out of a small greenhouse built on his brother’s farm. Now, that same space holds plants from all around the world.

Uncle Bills Garden Center

Uncle Bills has a healthy selection of seasonal flowers, vegetables, decorations, and everything else you need to make your garden shine. Anyone who’s planted a garden before knows that gardening can be a pricey hobby, but you can breathe easy at Uncle Bills, where the prices are very fair and the selection remains consistent. It’s also a good place to go if you’re looking for gifts or garden decor.

A. J. Rahn Greenhouses

Affordability and a great selection can also be found at A. J. Rahn Greenhouses. A. J. Rahn Greenhouses has been around since 1890, and it’s still run by the Rahn family five generations later. They carry everything you could need for a dream landscape, kitchen garden, or gift. With a healthy and robust selection of flowering bedding, houseplants, fruiting plants, vegetables, and holiday flowers, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for at A. J. Rahn’s.

Open year-round, they’re certainly worth a visit if you’re in the Cincinnati area. They grow many of their high-quality plant offerings on location. Animal lovers might also be in for a treat. When you stop in, keep an eye out for their calico feline friend who likes to snooze among the garden beds.

Keystone Flora Native Plant Nursery

Filling your garden with native plants has many benefits. One is that native plants, like milkweed, help support native animal populations. Doing this helps invite important pollinators, like butterflies, to your garden. Luckily, for those of us living in Cincinnati, our native plants are beautiful and Keystone Flora proves that buying locally sourced trees, grasses, shrubs, flowers, and plants doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice selection. They offer hundreds of species of plants and most they grow themselves.

The mission at Keystone Flora Native Plant Nursery is to sell and propagate native plants from the region generated from the nursery’s own plants, seeds, and cuttings. A helpful staff, fair prices, and an honorable mission are just some things we love about the Keystone Flora Native Plant Nursery. Check out their website to see a full list of their offerings. You can also make an appointment in order to get one-on-one guidance from an expert on how best to plan your garden.

Benken Florist, Home, and Garden Center

Benken Florist, Home, and Garden Center has over 35 acres of garden supplies, accessories, and plants. They’re also a florist, so if you’re not ready to grow your own flowers this season, you can still find stunning arrangements for your home. Their staff of trained horticulturists are knowledgeable and friendly, ready to answer questions you may have about their products or your upcoming projects. They also have a delivery service, so you can get your order delivered directly to your front door.

Even if you’re just browsing, Benken Florist, Home, and Garden Center is a wonderful place to wander through aisles of plants and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings. The garden center doubles as a venue, so if you love it enough, you could even plan your wedding there. Another longstanding family business with a proud local history, the garden center has been owned by the Benken family for three generations.

Funke’s Greenhouses

Last on our list, but not last in our hearts, is Funke’s Greenhouses. Open from mid-March to early November, Funke’s is a premium supplier of herbs and vegetable plants. With over 1000 varieties of plants, they carry a wide selection of medicinal and culinary herbs, vegetables, and fruiting plants. They grow all of their products on site with no harsh chemicals, so you can be sure you’re getting plants that are completely natural and grown locally.

We hope you’ve found this list helpful, and we can’t wait to hear about the garden plans you’re dreaming up this spring. Don’t forget to stop into Performance Kings Honda while you’re in the area to tell us about your favorite plant shop in town. Our wide selection of vehicles includes plenty with enough back seat cargo space to hold all your plant hauls this season, and, don’t worry, they can handle a little spilled dirt.

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