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The Honda HR-V is a popular SUV option for drivers who want quality and a premium feel without paying premium prices. With the early 2021 reveal of a hybrid option for the Honda Vezel, the Japanese version of the HR-V, American drivers are eagerly awaiting their opportunity to get behind the wheel of a hybrid HR-V. While initial estimates of a late 2021 release have proven to be slightly optimistic, the HR-V Hybrid is just around the corner. 

If you’re excited about the prospects of buying a Honda HR-V Hybrid in 2022, this guide has everything you need to know about what the change to hybrid will mean for the HR-V.

Eagerly Awaiting a Honda Hybrid SUV2022 honda hr-v in cincinnati, oh

One benefit for American consumers eager for a Honda hybrid SUV is a sneak peek of what the Japanese vehicle is really like. The Honda Vezel Hybrid features a sleeker design both outside and inside the vehicle. This creates not only cleaner lines that catch the eye, but a lighter design which further enhances the fuel economy value of the Hybrid engine.

A modern Honda hybrid SUV would also benefit from the modern amenities of Honda vehicles, as the Honda Vezel shows. It features LED headlights to provide you with maximum vision on the road, and eye-catching 18-inch alloy wheels that look great and handle great too. The hybrid also includes an enhanced infotainment center with a touch screen, improved coordination with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and a wireless charging pad to keep your mobile devices operating at their best. With so much to look forward to, it’s no surprise that car enthusiasts can’t wait for a Honda Hybrid SUV to reach American shores.

The Benefits of Hybrid SUVs

The addition of a hybrid option to the Honda HR-V is exciting news for any fans of the model. The popularity of hybrid vehicles is on the rise for good reason. They offer a variety of excellent benefits comparable to all-electric or all-gas vehicles. Some of the best reasons to opt for a hybrid SUV for your next purchase include:

Environmental Consciousness

When you choose to change a hybrid engine instead of a fuel only option, it can have a significant impact on your environmental impact every time you drive. Hybrid vehicles require significantly less gas to get you from where you’re going to where you want to be, which means you release fewer emissions and burn less fuel. Choosing a hybrid can allow you to reduce your eco footprint substantially if you drive long distances regularly.

Decreased Fuel Spending

The benefits of improved fuel economy aren’t just global, however. Because a hybrid engine requires less fuel, you get to spend less money on gasoline for your SUV. This savings lasts throughout the entire time you own and drive your hybrid, and can add up to a great deal of money saved on gasoline over the lifespan of your hybrid SUV. Because SUVs often require more fuel than sedans, the savings provided by making the change to a hybrid vehicle can be magnified to help you save even more.

Less Time Stopping on Long Drives

The need to make fewer stops for gasoline doesn’t just help you save money, it also saves you time. In your daily routine, this means fewer days where you need to stop to refill when heading to work or running errands. Where you can really notice the difference, however, is if you take a long drive in your hybrid SUV. 

The ability to limit the number of stops on a long drive can add up to a significantly improved time for your trip, as each eliminated stop means one less time getting off the highway and out of your car when you could be continuing on to your destination.

No Range Restrictions

Hybrid vehicles don’t just have perks that gas-only vehicles can’t offer, but also benefits compared to electric vehicles. Although electric vehicles offer better mileage equivalents, they also come with range limitations, with the need to stop to recharge when the battery gets low. While fast charging stations can minimize the effects, for a long drive, or when you do not have access to convenient charging stations, hybrid vehicles offer the superior option. While you still benefit from reduced gas consumption, the ability to refill your tank as needed means there’s no limit to how far you can drive.

Quiet Operation

If you enjoy having a peaceful ride, then you might love how it sounds to get behind the wheel of a hybrid SUV. With an electric hybrid engine, start up for hybrid vehicles is often silent. Similarly, once you’re on the road, when operating only off of electric power, you can experience near-silent operation. The overall effect for each drive in your hybrid SUV is a more peaceful and relaxing mood.

Improved Resale Value

The final way that purchasing a hybrid SUV can be great for your bank account is in the improved value retention of hybrid vehicles. Because electric and hybrid vehicles are expected to become a higher percentage of the automobile force with every year, they possess more appeal to shoppers who want to be a part of the trend while saving by buying used. This means that a used hybrid SUV can retain value at a higher rate, allowing you to get the maximum sale or trade-in value if you decide to sell.

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