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Brake Inspection in Cincinnati, OH

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As a car owner, it's vital that you keep your brakes well-maintained. Healthy brakes help you respond to hazards, navigate traffic, and remain in control of your vehicle. Learning how to take care of your brakes can help you protect yourself and your car, so we've broken down everything you need to know about brake inspections. This is Performance Kings Honda's guide to brake inspections and services.

How Do You Know When Your Car Needs a Brake Inspection?

Your car typically sends you subtle signs when it's time to check on the brakes. Paying close attention to anomalies, like strange sounds or unfamiliar movements, from your car can help you notice issues sooner rather than later. Here are some hints that you might be due for an inspection:

  • Noises from your brakes: Braking should be smooth and relatively silent. Make an appointment if your car hisses, squeaks, clicks, or scrapes when you press on the brake.
  • Changes in brake function: If your brakes aren't working like they usually do, it's probably time for an inspection. Slow stops, unresponsive pedals, or habitual pulling toward the left or right can all be signs your brakes need attention.
  • Dashboard lights: Many cars have warning lights to alert you when you're due for an inspection. Look for a notification that says something like "BRAKE," "ABS," or, on many Honda vehicles, "Brake system."
  • Shaking: Malfunctioning brakes sometimes cause your car to shake or vibrate when you stop. You might also feel your brake pedal palpitating.

What Happens in a Brake Inspection?

A brake inspection is a service during which trained technicians examine your brake system to identify any issues and recommend fixes to help you stay safe on the road and prevent problems from escalating. Experts investigate your brake system components, such as:

  • Brake pedals.
  • Brake pads.
  • Parking brakes.
  • Brake fluid.
  • Lines and hoses.
  • Master cylinder.
  • Anti-lock braking system.

Depending on whether you have drum or disc brakes, the entire system receives a thorough inspection. On drum brakes, technicians check that the brake shoes, backing plate, and hardware are functioning. On disc brakes, they review the rotor, pad shims, and hardware. After your brake inspection, your technician might explain any brake services your vehicle needs, like replacement parts or fresh fluid.

Frequently Asked Questions About Brake Inspections

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions about brake services:

How Often Do You Need to Go In for a Brake Inspection?

Experts usually recommend a brake inspection every six months. If you drive a lot or frequently find yourself in inclement weather or rough terrain, it couldn't hurt to get more frequent inspections. Honda experts sometimes recommend an inspection every 5,000 miles on Honda vehicles, though service recommendations vary between models. You could pair your brake inspections with another regular service, like tire rotations or oil changes, to help you stay on top of your car's maintenance.

What's the Average Lifespan of Brakes?

Honda brake pads usually last between 25,000 and 60,000 miles. The exact lifespan of your brakes largely depends on your driving habits. You should probably expect to replace your brake pads after about 40,000 miles. This keeps them in prime condition and ensures you don't further damage your brake system.

To expand the life of your brakes, try to practice gentle driving and pick routes that require less stopping and starting. City driving usually exhausts brakes faster due to the traffic and frequent stops, so try to minimize your time spent downtown if you can help it. Aim for slow, breezy stops and avoid slamming down the brake as much as possible.

Where Can You Get New Brake Pads?

You can typically get new brake pads at any mechanic or dealership that specializes in your make of vehicle. It's important to choose the right part and technician for your car, though. Many mechanics use aftermarket parts, which are third-party car parts, without official approval from your automaker. They can be inexpensive, but they come at a cost. They're often lower quality and less safe for your car.

Going to an official dealership where the technicians specialize in vehicles from your automaker can ensure you receive top-notch brake services and genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) brake pads. OEM parts fit perfectly in your car and last longer. If you're a Honda driver in the Cincinnati area, the service department at Performance Kings Honda can find and install the perfect brake pads for your vehicle, no matter the model or year. You can even order your brake pads online, and we'll reserve the part for you or order it if we don't have it in stock.

Where Should You Go for Brake Inspection Service?

As with replacement parts, you can get brake inspections from any auto mechanic or dealership. Dealerships typically provide specialized services tailored to your make and model, and they usually employ factory-trained experts who know your automaker. Plus, Honda warranties typically cover replacement or re-manufactured parts if you purchase them from a Honda dealer, so working with a dealership's service department might help you make the most of your warranty.

Brake Inspections in Cincinnati, Ohio

The service department at Performance Kings Honda is ready to assist you with all your brake inspections, parts, and services in the Cincinnati area. We offer great prices, and we typically have a host of service coupons to make caring for your Honda even easier. We know how busy you are, so our goal is to make your brake inspection as convenient as possible. Performance Kings Honda offers online appointment scheduling with night and weekend availability, and our appointments are efficient so you can get back on the road quickly.

Your car is an investment, and at Performance Kings Honda, we want to help you protect it. Scheduling regular brake inspections can help you protect yourself, your vehicle, and your loved ones. Make your appointment today or call our service center to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members to learn more about our brake inspections and services in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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