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Battery Types, Their Advantages, and Their Life Spans

It’s important to know the types of batteries that power Honda vehicles so you can be sure that you’re getting the best variety you can when the time for replacement comes. There are three primary types of vehicle batteries that power Hondas with internal combustion engines. Absorbed glass mat batteries are ideal for Hondas with serious power demands. This is the battery you should choose if your Honda has every electrically powered feature and option available or near to it.

Absorbed glass mat batteries drain more slowly in the face of power drawn to multiple systems. Standard flooded batteries are great for Hondas with the most efficient engine types and limited electrically powered cabin systems. They are good for maintaining solid reserve power levels. Enhanced flooded (EF) batteries are a solid middle ground between the two. They are more affordable than absorbed glass mat batteries and can hold twice the charge of standard flooded batteries.

Sulfation is more common for EF batteries. Make sure to have yours inspected regularly if you choose to use one. Most hybrid and fully electric Hondas use lithium-ion battery systems. These battery cores are a cut above the rest in terms of power capacity and can handle far more frequent recharging without heavy degradation.

Standard flooded batteries lose a considerable portion of their charge retention capacity after two years of frequent operation. They usually end their service lives around the five-year point. Enhanced flooded batteries have slightly longer life spans, and their charge retention capacity begins to drop around the three-year mark before they reach the end of their operating life spans around the six-year mark. Absorbed glass mat batteries have the longest life spans of the three standard battery types. They can last between six years and a decade, depending on the manufacturer.

The charge retention capacity of absorbed glass mat batteries starts to drop around halfway through their maximum life spans. The life spans of lithium-ion batteries vary based on how often they’re recharged. You can fully recharge and discharge most lithium-ion hybrid cores once per day for two years. Lithium-ion hybrid cores can last up to 200,000 miles with regular scheduled maintenance. Lithium-ion cores for fully electric Hondas have the longest life spans, rating at one to two decades, depending on which version you choose.

Spotting the Signs of Battery Failure

Several signs will indicate when your Honda’s battery is failing. If your head, tail, and/or interior lighting shine more dimly than they should, your battery may be kicking out insufficient power. One of the most mistaken signs of a failing battery involves the failure of one or more electrically powered systems.

If this happens repeatedly, it may be wise to charge a standard format battery and re-test the system. Replacing the battery is likely much more affordable than replacing the system by mistake. Another common sign of a failing battery is its inability to hold a charge for an extended period.

It’s probably time to replace your battery if you have to jump off your Honda every time you use it. Make sure you have your alternator checked if this is the case. It’s possible that the system is failing to recharge the battery through normal use, though the battery seems to be in good order.

If you spot heavy corrosion build-up around the battery connectors, note low battery fluid levels, or see that the battery case is damaged, replace your battery immediately, and do not attempt to drive using it. Operating vehicles powered by batteries in these deteriorated conditions can cause catastrophic system failures.

Factors Impacting Battery Life Span

Many different environmental and operational factors can impact the life span of a Honda’s battery. Excessive heat during summer months or artificially heated environments can increase the rate of corrosion within a battery. Very cold environments hamper a battery’s ability to channel enough electricity to start the vehicle or power its digital systems.

Frequently starting a vehicle can drain its battery more quickly. Very long drives can cause partial or total battery drain. Frequent short drives can cause a battery to drain for lack of a chance to recharge through the alternator. A battery can also die if its vehicle is unused for between one and two months. Electrical systems that do not undergo regularly scheduled maintenance can cause battery drain.

Honda Battery Warranty Coverage

honda battery replacement in cincinnati oh

If you need to replace your new Honda’s original battery, odds are the Honda New Vehicle Limited Warranty covers it. This warranty lasts for three years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first. The Honda 100-month battery warranty covers the replacement of a battery purchased from a certified Honda dealership. Our service center team will replace your Honda battery, covering the unit, labor price, and installation at no cost for the first 36 months of the warranty. The remaining coverage period grants drivers access to credit for partial coverage.

Performance Kings Honda’s Exceptional Battery Services

Our professionally trained full-service technicians are ready and waiting to handle all your battery-related needs. Want a standard flooded, enhanced flooded, or absorbed glass mat battery for your Honda? We’ve got them sized to fit all our model years. We can also help if you find issues with other electrical systems, such as corroded connecting lines, failing alternators, or faulty electrically powered cabin systems.

Come into Performance Kings Honda when the time comes to have your battery replaced or your electrical systems serviced. Your Honda’s owner’s manual contains specific details on when replacement and servicing are needed. Schedule a service with us, and our professional repair crew will have your Honda in perfect running order in no time.

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